Production Process

At Graham Packaging Company BV we produce PET containers according to the Injections Stretch Blow Moulding process or “Single-Stage” process:

In the Single-stage process the final product is manufactured, from PET granule to container on one single machine. This production method combines the injection moulding process which is used for the manufacture of the preform with the blow moulding process in which the preform is stretched and blown to give the container its final shape.

This means the injection-moulded preform is withdrawn from the injection cavity while still hot enough to be stretch blown. No extra heating is required, and since preforms are not stocked to be blown at a later date, but are freshly moulded every time, there is no risk of surface damage or contamination during storage or transportation.

Besides Single-Stage, Graham Packaging Company BV has much experience with the so called Two-Stage process. Please contact our staff for more information on this subject.