Our history

Our plant in Ryttylä Finland has its roots in the almost legendary glass production of Riihimäen Lasi, in this area of Finland already since 1910. After glass production as a new product bakelite closures were manufactured starting from the 1930’s.

With plastic bottle production by extrusion blow moulding we started in 1957. The plant was a part of the Finnish Ahlström company for a long time then.

To the village of Ryttylä, which is situated in the southern part of Finland, production was transferred in 1970. The present facilities were taken into use in 1980’s and during the years after that many modernisations and expansions have taken place.

PET production started in 1986, and our GMP clean room production in 1990.

Owens Illinois was the owner of the plant for a longer period since 1995 and in 2004 Graham Packaging took over. The last major change took place in 2011 when Rank Group from New Zealand became owner of the whole Graham Packaging Company.

Today all broad range of blow moulded plastic products are manufactured at our plant both using PE, PP and PET technology.