Food & Beverage

Food and Beverage is our largest market category. The containers we manufacture help our customers create, market and sustain their brand identities. Furthermore we have been and still are able to maintain a leading role in the conversion of products packed in other materials, such as glass. Need an own design? No problem, our in-house designers will create the best solution to make your brand stand out! You can find our products at retailers but also in the foodservice segment.

PET is the world’s packaging choice for many foods and beverages because it’s hygienic, strong, lightweight, shatterproof and retains freshness of the packed product. Consumers can identify PET containers by the triangular #1 resin identification code found on the bottom of PET bottles and jars.

PET food jars

Besides custom made jars we have an extensive range of standard PET jars available that we have in stock at all times. To retain freshness and protect against UV influence, an additive can be added to the PET packaging while maintaining transparency of the PET jar. This is often applied to PET spice jars.

PET food bottles

Additionally, we have an extensive range of standard PET bottles, which are also available from stock. Squeezers and edible oil bottles are some of the examples. Similar to our PET food jars, PET bottles for food can be produced in any colour on request.

PET beverage bottles

Exclusively for the beverage market we offer various kinds of PET bottles that are very suitable for juices and soda’s. Through innovative design we help our customers to add value and maximize shelf presence whilst delivering low cost solutions for PET beverage bottles.

PP food jars

Within Graham Packaging we are able to offer PP jars to meet hot fill conditions in the food sector. Need a long shelf life? No problem, with our multilayer technique we can offer different kinds of barrier properties to meet your requirements and maintaining clarity of your package.

PP food bottles

Especially for sauces and condiments we can offer you squeezable multilayer bottles that are suitable for hot fill applications as well.

Samples and quotation

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