Like no other, this market is heavily driven by severe quality criteria. With our drive for quality and capability to live up to these high standards, Graham Packaging plays a prominent role in this segment. We supply PET jars to the OTC market, but also have a dedicated Class 1000 clean room for more specialist applications. This enables us to support the high expectations of leading pharmaceutical companies delivering innovative solutions for everyday PET products through to specialist markets with complex supply chains.

PET pharmaceutical bottles

We at Graham Packaging have two specific ranges of standard PET bottles for the pharmaceutical market. One range consists of standard PET Pharma model bottles. The second range consists of bottles with the PET Syrup model. The bottles are very suitable for the OTC (over the counter) market and fully meets the Pharmacopeia legislation for these kinds of bottles. Need the bottles sealed and packed in brick packs? No problem, at Graham Packaging we ensure that the PET bottles have been packed according to the right packaging specifications and to our customers’ needs. Most bottles are available in clear, amber and white colour. Looking for a specific colour? Please ask for the possibilities.

As a service we can subcontract the sterilisation of your products and we can supply corresponding caps. Child resistant caps are available as well.

PET pharmaceutical jars

We can offer a specific range of PET jars most suitable for pills, capsules, tablets and powders. Jars can be supplied with the standard snap-on caps.

PE pharmaceutical jars

Besides PET jars we offer a range of medical jars made from PE. These jars can also be delivered with the suitable caps.

Samples and quotation

Interested in receiving samples and/or a quotation? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CB12 pet bottle