Our approach to sustainability is simple. Minimize environmental impact. Enhance our value to customers and society. And provide sustainable solutions throughout our supply chain. All reinforced in writing by our Sustainability Core Behaviors, Operating Behaviors and Guiding Principles.

Sustainability Initiatives

Millions of our containers come from recycled plastic alone each year. Recycling saves vast amounts of energy and natural resources, diverting hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic from landfills and substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Graham will provide sustainable plastic package solutions that will:
Minimize the impact on the environment
Enhance our value to the customer, consumer and our society
Provide customer supply chain solutions
Enable our customers to meet their sustainability goals

Our 4R Objectives

RECYCLE: Using less petroleum-based virgin materials by recycling.
REDESIGN: Designing more energy-efficient and greener solutions.
REDUCE: Developing technologies and products that preserve resources.
RESEARCH: Devising materials and solutions that enhance our sustainability.

On a Global basis Graham annually recycles the following material
– 72,000 tonnes of PCR annually
– Polyethylene, 45,000 tonnes (18,000 tonnes processed in our own USA recycling plant, remainder outsourced)
– PET, 27,000 tonnes outsourced