PET Production Process

We’re pioneers in PET technology, and still innovating every day. PET containers are light, damage resistant and easily shapeable. So you can create a multitude of forms. They are particularly good for enhancing product visibility in transparent containers. And PET is fully recyclable, making it even more appealing to image conscious sellers and buyers alike.

Consumers can identify PET containers by the triangular #1 resin identification code found on the bottom of PET bottles and jars.

Single-stage or two-stage process

PET containers are manufactured in a single-stage or two-stage process. The single-stage process combines the injection and blow moulding processes of preforms. The two-stage process has separate injection for the preforms, and separate blow moulding in which the preform is stretched and blown to its final shape. In many cases more than one technology is used. Graham’s technologies are all patented and proprietary, employing different barrier materials and processes to reach the best solution.

PET production plant