Polyolefins production process

Flexible Polyolefins may be the perfect choice for your products.

Polyolefin is a preferred plastic resin used in the manufacture of plastic containers. It’s easy to dye and mould, and is a non-polar, odourless and nonporous material. Polyolefins offer many material choices with applications that encompass virtually every product, venue and industry. Polyolefin is lightweight, absorbs added colour effectively, provides thermal stability for hot-fill and cold-fill items alike, and is recyclable. Common Polyolefins are Polypropylene and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Polyolefin process

Graham experts can match the polyolefin process to your needs with precision. So you get the perfect container for your product. And our proprietary machine platform portfolio and extensive global plant network provides flexibility for volume, size, and manufacturing location. There’s never guesswork with Graham. Our solutions are tested against the toughest standards. Every time.